Chef Bernards Platzl Inn, 170 Spokane st., KIMBERLEY

Chef Bernards Platzl Inn

170 Spokane st., KIMBERLEY BC

(250) 427-2433

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Chef Bernards Platzl Inn

Chef's is a great lil' restaurant, located in a quaint bavarian ski village. All sorts of art odds and ends to keep you entertained. You can enjoy a nice Cuban cigar and martini in our Havana Cigar room. We have live entertainment in the summer on our outdoor patio. With accomidations and whirlpool upstairs and great food there is no place in town like it. Check out our home page at

Chef Bernards Platzl Inn Rating
Restaurant rating: 2.7 out of 5 with 37 ratings
  • potsticker dumplings
  • Ala Roma pasta
  • Beethoven Schnitzel

Camembert Almondine -
French Camembert almond breaded served golden brown, topped with honey & raspberry coulee.
Bayou Trash -
Shrimps, mussels, scallops,and crab prepared cajun style,served with saffron rice.
Escargot Bourguignon -
Plenty of escargot simmered in cream and brandy with garlic, served with naan bread.
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King Neptune Platter -
Mussels,smoked salmon, shrimp & crab meat served on a bed of greens with vegetables & our homemade garlic dressing.
Smoked Salmon Platter -
Fresh Smoked Salmon served on a bed of greens,fresh fruit and vegetables.
Port Aux Basque -
Shrimp Bisque, flavored with brandy finished with cream.
Mediterranean Bouillabaisse -
Tiger shrimp,mussels,salmon,scallops with saffron, brandy and cream.
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Hamhock -
Home smocked hickory pork hamhock,laid on a bed of sauerkraut,served with spaetzel and fresh garden salad.
Bavarian Sausage Platter -
Two Bavarian sausages on a bed of saurerkraut,served with spaetzel and our fresh garden salad.
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Classic -
Simmered in white wine,fresh garlic and a touch of dill.
Tequila Sunrise -
Simmered in gold tequila,fresh lime&tomato.
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Chicken Korma -
Tender pieces of seasoned chicken in a creamy coconut sauce served with steamed saffron rice & naan bread.
Tandoori Butter Chicken -
Tender peices of seasoned chicken in a rich sauce served with saffron rice, sour cream & mango chutney.
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Honey Chicken Pasta -
Tender chicken fillets and cashew nuts cooked in a honey cream sauce with leeks and vegetables.
Ala Roma Pasta -
A favorite, Italian sausage, fresh tomatoes, vegetables in a traditional garlic & basil sauce.
Pasta Bombay -
A bouquet of curry, pinapple, and chicken tenders in a coconut cream sauce.
back to top Bavarian Schnitzel
Beethoven -
Boneless pork tenderloin breaded, topped with camembert cheese and pears with a chardonnay cream sauce,served spaetzel and fresh garden salad.
Cordon Blue Schnitzel -
Boneless pork tenderloin breaded, stuffed with swiss cheese and prosciutto ham, served with spaetzel and fresh garden salad.
Oscar Wilde -
Topped with a blend of crab meat, tomato,leeks,mushrooms and hollandaise sauce.
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Tiger Woods Steak -
New York Strip loin,AAA alberta beef, topped with tiger shrimp and fresh vegetables in garlic butter,served with french fries and fresh garden salad.
Arnold Palmer Steak -
Plenty of escargot simmered in a cream and brandy sauce with vegetables and garlic served with french fries and garden salad.
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Cajun Jambalaya -
The taste of Louisana! Cajun style shrimp, mussels, tiger prawns,scallops,vegetables and topped with Alaskan king crab leg.
Birds of Paradise Tray -
Tender chicken fillets prepared in coconut cream, with water chestnuts, fresh lime and cilantro.
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Kids Pasta -
Pasta served with an alfredo sauce.
Kids Pizza -
Your choice of pepperoni or cheese.
Kids Hot Doggy -
A hot dog and bun served with french fries.
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Bavarian Apple Strudel -
Home baked from Bernards special recipe,served with whipped cream and topped with cinnamon sugar.
Belgium Chocolate Fondue -
Rice crispies,chocolate brownies and marshmellows, served with a rich chocolate sauce
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